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We support major clients in the recycling/waste disposal industry, and customize forms and products for many different kinds of businesses.

We do promotional products too!
Pens, bags, awesome custom products

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We are working on a new online ordering system. In the meantime, please email or give us a call at tel:877.499.0492

What We Do:Services

North Star supports client internal and external services through print & mail services customized to support brand awareness.

We help you keep your business working by letting you focus on what you do best. Let us worry about the details like getting the right form to you on time.

Vehicle Condition Reports


Maintenance Forms

Multi-Part, Carbonless

Branding Control

Truck PM Inspections

Repair Forms

Multi-Part, Carbonless

Promotional Products

Bags, pens, custom.

Vehicle Inspection Forms

Print & Mail Services

Forms Inventory Management

Providing the best-in-business forms to the Waste & Recycling Industry since 1997.

Mailing ServicesMailing Services

Customer Notices

Reminder Letters

Route Changes

Pre-Sorted First Class

Standard A

Bulk Mailings


We print individual customer information within each mailing piece

We offer full mailing services, including folding and inserting the mailing piece into an envelope, or addressing and tabbing, for direct mail service to your customer. We provide all the printing services to complete the job – flyers, calendars, envelopes, etc. – and deliver it to your customer’s mailbox.

Send the following items to us in electronic format:

  • Mailing piece or an outline of the form to print
  • Mailing list data

We will review your  information and provide you with a cost estimate for the mailing service and postage. Postage charges are based on actual postage costs and are due prior to the mailing date.

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Frequently Asked QuestionsQuestions

Things some of you have wondered about.

Locating a Form Not Listed

I can't find the form I am looking for. How do I find what I need?

A representation of more commonly used forms is displayed. Often we will have exactly what you want or something similar for you to review and modify. Just ask. If we don't already have the form you need, we will work with you to create the forms that will best serve your particular business needs.

Outdoor Protection for Forms

We work outside. Do you have anything to use in the field to protect our working forms?

Yes. Our most popular box is an aluminum record box with a closing clasp with an inside diameter of 6-1/2 inches by 10 inches. With the foam seal, it will keep your records dry and is excellent for use in the field. Larger sizes and other styles are available.

Getting a Quote

I need to get a quote before I can place my order. How can I get a quote?

The Forms and Products page will bring up a search form. If you are a pre-registered customer, be sure to log in first to display all your customized forms. Select the products you want from your search and go through the online ordering process. Before you submit the form, you will have the option to request a quote rather than placing an actual order. You may also call the office and we will assist you over the phone with your quote.

Purchase Orders

Will you accept a purchase order?

Yes. Once you have established a customer account with us, we can accept your purchase order number and you can place your order online at any time. You will be invoiced after your order has shipped.

Customizing a Form

I found a form that I like, but it isn't exactly what I need, and I want to have my business information printed on it. Can you change it for me?

Absolutely. We can change any form to work better for your unique business needs. Call or e-mail the office to discuss the changes you would like. We will provide a proof of your form to you before beginning production.

Locating a Form Online

I am looking for a specific form. How can I find it online?

Search for a form online by going to the Forms and Products page. If you are a pre-registered customer, log in first on that page to be able to access your customized forms. Narrow your search by selecting just the categories you are looking in.

NCR Forms

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Imprinted Envelopes, Letterhead, Thank You Cards

What are my imprinting options?

We provide both letterhead and envelopes. Envelopes are available in #10 regular or windowed styles as well as #9 return envelopes to enclose for payments or other items to be returned to you. Your letterhead and return addresses can be printed in a single color or multiple colors with your logo. Color matches are available for those who have trademark needs for that service. Thank you cards are a nice touch and are also available to send to your customers. You may include customized information on the back as well as the front and inside of the card.

Special Heavy-Weight Envelopes

What other kinds of envelopes do you produce besides the standard #10s?

Envelopes, in many sizes, are available for numerous purposes. Expense envelopes are the most popular manila-type envelope. Petty cash and receipt envelopes are other uses for specialty envelopes. You decide what will be printed on your envelopes, and we produce them.

What are My Decal Options?

What are my decal options?

Decals can be produced in any size and color. You choose the content of the decal and the colors of the text and logo. You also choose the color of material on which it will be printed. The decal material and adhesive will be determined by the surface on which it will be adhered. See the Forms and Products page for more information on decal materials.

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